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Reminiscences, 1864

William John Montaigne



Oil on panel

13.98 x 10.04 inches / 35.5 x 25.5 cm

Private collection

Cameo: Allegory of Hope, ca. 1850s

Cameo: Allegory of Hope 

MATERIAL: Lava, 18kt. gold, tested. 

DATE AND ORIGIN:  ca.1850/1860  Italy 

MEASURES: 2" BY 1 6/8"   

Enamel secret compartment ring, 1830s

Very rare romantic era ring ( circa 1830 ) in 18K gold. The ring is decorated with baroque form colored enamels depicting floral motifs . The square bezel is studded with black background and contains a secret compartment. This type of opening ring was named " poison " but it contained most likely a little sentimental relic, as the hair of a beloved or fragment tape. 

The rings from this period are very rare. Some are visible to the Museum of Romantic Life in Paris .
Good condition with a small chip to the black enamel of the kitten.
Paris , 1819-1838 ( punch ram's head )

Dimensions Ring : 10 x 10 mms
Weight: 2 grams

Two summer cotton print dresses, 1850s-60s

Two summer gowns, 1850s-60s, comprising: pretty pink and white sprigged muslin gown, late 1850s-early 1860s, with fan pleats of fabric to the front bodice, flounces to upper sleeves and hem, front side fastening with fob pocket; together with another, mid 1860s printed with small blue flowerheads with scraps of matching fabric (2) 

Provenance: From the collection of the late Mary Wild A.R.C.A, costume designer, historian and collector. 

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Party dress belonging to Empress Elizabeth (Sissi), 1853-54

(Remember, this is Google translate trying to hurt itself translating this, so...)

Party dress with stole the later Empress Elisabeth from the estate of her sister Helene of Thurn und Taxis  (Party dress belonging to Empress Elizabeth (Sissi).


. Three-piece ensemble of very thin white cotton organza, consisting of a narrow SchnĆ¼rleibchen (either bodice or corset), a skirt with a small piece cut train and overcoat, and a stole.

The dress combines all the characteristics that around 1855 featuring a modern and highly elegant evening dress: airy, sheer fabric in large material abundance, wide neckline and puffed sleeves that leave the shoulders. To get the round shape, numerous petticoats and stuffed with horsehair cushions were worn. Unusual is the train which was reserved at the time of courtly wardrobe, but can be due to the high rank of the wearer explain as future empress.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Carriages and Department of Court Uniforms

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A Window, House on the Hudson River, 1863

A Window, House on the Hudson River

Thomas Worthington Whittredge - 1863

Painting - oil on canvas

Height: 68.6 cm (27.01 in.), Width: 49.5 cm (19.49 in.)

New York Historical Society (United States)

Image via the Athenaeum

Countess S.L. Stroganova,1864

Portrait of Countess S.L. Stroganova


Artist: Makovsky, Konstantin Yegorovich (1839-1915)

Repository unknown